Neurosis in the Elderly

Neurosis in the Elderly

Neurosis is basically a segment of functional mental illnesses which involve prolonged distress but none of these include hallucinations or delusions.Unfortunately, this condition occurs most often in the elderly. Get a quote here for a 2019 medicare supplement quote from AARP


Usually, neurosis in old age is manifested by increased irritability. Any nonstandard situation can lead to emotional shock, anger, aggression, or vice versa.

The main symptoms of neurosis:

Mood swings for no apparent reason.

Increased agitation of the central nervous system.


Bad mood.

A feeling of constant anxiety

Low self-esteem


A person suffering from neurosis becomes very sensitive to temperature fluctuations. His/her sleep may be disturbed with poor appetite. Other symptoms include short-term loss of memory

Also, as a result of constant strong emotional stress in a person, his/her vision may decrease or his hearing may deteriorate.

Neurosis treatment

Initially, the doctor must find out the cause of the occurrence of such a condition. For example, if the reason was a lack of attention from children, then the doctor needs to talk about it directly with the children of the patient, delicately indicate that he/she needs care, attention and understanding. If any social factors are the cause, then it is worthwhile to protect a person from them as much as possible, for example, change their place of residence or send the person to a boarding house or sanatorium for a while.

The patient might undergo a course of psychotherapy, where a psychologist will help the patient to correctly set his priorities in life, understand what they want and help them increase their self-esteem. In addition to visiting psychologists, drug therapy is prescribed to sick people, which consists of drugs such as:




Thimoleptics are agents that have a sedative effect, that is, they calm the central nervous system.

“Heavy” antidepressants may be used to treat prolonged depression:




The following drugs can be used to eliminate light neurosis:




Novo Passit

Tranquilizers may be used to relieve the state of panic.


Treatment of neurosis should be comprehensive. Many psychologists insist that retired people should consider engaging in their favorite hobby. It is also important to ensure a normal relationship with family members. To improve the circulation of blood throughout the entire body, people of old age are recommended to walk more in the fresh air, eat a balanced diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Medicare and Neurosis Treatment:

Medicare offers coverage for treatments that are considered medically necessary by your physician. The same rule is applicable to Medicare supplement plans that essentially cover the gaps within Basic Medicare also known as out of pocket costs.