Old-People Smell: Causes and Ways to Deal With It

Old-People Smell: Causes and Ways to Deal With It

Many older people smell because they do not like to take a shower. And all this, as a rule, because of their fear of slipping. Although there may be a number of other reasons: Why not consider medicare supplement plans found here https://www.bestmedicaresupplementplans2019.com/

Psychological, due to loneliness, lack of motivation and laziness.

Over the years, the skin becomes thinner and more sensitive, it loses the protective film, so washing is accompanied by such unpleasant sensations as dryness, tightness, and itching of the skin. In older people, usually in men, ichthyosis, i.e., increased peeling of the dermis occurs. This is most often observed after taking a bath and is accompanied by itching, usually in the genital area, perineum, and anus.

But still, to smell good, you need to try to observe good hygiene, even in old age. Moreover, in old age, it is necessary to take a shower even more often than in youth. If older people smell bad, but for some reason do not like to bathe, they can try the following recommendations: Instead of regular soap, use a more gentle gel with a neutral pH. This will help keep the protective film on the skin. After the shower, the body needs to be moistened with a cream. Water should not be too cold or hot. Make it as comfortable as possible – so you will not irritate the skin, and the procedure will become more pleasant.

The bathroom must have handrails and a rubber mat. This will protect the elderly person from slipping and injury. If it is impossible to bathe in this way, then the help of younger relatives may be required. If older people smell and there is no opportunity to take a bath or shower, the skin should be wiped with special wet wipes. They can be further impregnated with extracts and infusions of herbs that have anti-inflammatory properties, as well as emollients.

For dry skin, an older person should be given an additional dose of vitamin B. They can be obtained from meat and cereals. Vitamins A, D, E are prescribed exclusively by the doctor. To maintain a pleasant aroma, it is important to maintain personal hygiene, starting with the mouth. You need to brush your teeth regularly and use dental floss.

Often, old people smell unpleasant because they have chronic gastrointestinal diseases or diabetes. Also, sometimes older people smell bad because of physiological disorders. In addition, over the years, the sense of smell gets deteriorated and they just do not notice that they emanate an unpleasant odor. In severe cases, when the elderly smell bad, and surgical treatment is impossible, diapers and special pads that neutralize unpleasant odors may be considered.