Pedometer for Senior Citizens: How to Pick the Right One?

Pedometer for Senior Citizens: How to Pick the Right One?

Types of Pedometer for Senior Citizens:

Mechanical pedometer

This is the cheapest option, but, unfortunately, it has low accuracy. The main element of the design of the device is a pendulum, oscillating in time to the movement and activating the counting mechanism. Recently, such a device is very rare in the market.

Electromechanical pedometer

Combines the reasonable price and sufficient accuracy of indications. A special sensor, which reacts to vibration, transmits information to an electronic unit, which, having processed the data, presents them on the screen in a clear digital form. However, the electromechanical device has certain disadvantages, the main of which is the need for its contact with the human body. When you carry the device in your pocket, the accuracy of its readings may be reduced.

Electronic pedometer

It is the most accurate device for counting the number of steps. Its functioning is based on special mathematical formulas. Such devices give accurate results even when worn in a pocket. If the accuracy of readings is important for you, then choose electronic models.

How to use the pedometer for older people?

Pedometer for the elderly is easy to use and does not require special knowledge and skills. Read the instructions, fasten the device in the place specified in the manual, for example, on a belt, and start your day. The device will do everything on its own. Today, pedometers are a widely used device among all age groups. In addition, they also exist as a mobile phone application.

How to choose a pedometer for the elderly? Test the device before you buy it. Visit the following site for a AARP medicare supplement rate quote

In order to check the pedometer, install it in accordance with the instructions, reset all previous readings and go 20-30 steps, counting them out loud. Next, compare your calculation and instrument readings. They must match. Periodically, you can arrange a similar test to your pedometer to control its accuracy. Before buying, be sure to inspect the device:

The appearance of the instrument must be in perfect condition, free of scratches and other mechanical defects. All device buttons should work. Check the display. The image on it should not be dull, or rainbow. Check the fasteners. There should be no gap in the bracelet. Also, it should not make crispy and creaking sounds when pressed on its surface. Medigap plans for senior adults: Senior citizens living in the US can check out Medicare supplement plans for covering the remaining costs of their Medicare-approved services like co-pay, deductible, etc.