Pilates for Seniors: Does it Help?

Pilates for Seniors: Does it Help?

Any training program for the elderly must necessarily take into account age-related changes which occur in the body after the age of 50. After the age of 30, we begin to lose muscle mass and quickly accumulate subcutaneous and visceral which increases the risk of obesity. The elderly are often concerned about stiffness in the joints and the fragility of the bones, which makes many sports dangerous. Besides, with age, the sense of balance worsens.

For more than a hundred years, the technique donated to the world by Joseph Pilates helps people of different ages achieve harmony with their own body, regain their desired physical form, lose weight, recover from injuries and forget about many ailments. Pilates can make sure seniors appear youthful and slim even in their old age.

Pilates can be practiced both on an ordinary gymnastic mat and on special equipment. Pilates is a special kind of training which is hard to master just by watching videos from the Internet. Only personal contact with a qualified instructor will allow you to get closer to your cherished goal and experience its true benefits. Classes on the reformer and other large equipment help to get a primary idea of ​​how to work with your body and space. During the workout, the instructor will monitor the correctness of movements, gently guide and prompt you.

The exercises are easy to modify in accordance with age and level of training. One of the main advantages of Pilates is its smoothness. Each training session consists of consecutive exercises, which are transferred from one to another, which should be performed slowly, without sudden movements and jerks. It is almost impossible to suffer an injury under the strict supervision of an instructor. In the classroom, special equipment is used to gradually and safely form and strengthen the muscular corset, increase joint mobility and flexibility. Pilates help work out all the muscle groups of your body without exception.

Thanks to the various exercise machines, an excessive load can be removed from your spine. The goal of Pilates is to restore the musculoskeletal system and increase the coordination between your brain and body. After a few training sessions, you will notice that the movements have become more coordinated which ultimately help enhance your overall posture. Thus, you will save yourself from sports and domestic injuries and will be able to work out all the muscle groups without exception. Does Medicare supplement plans cover classes for Pilates? No. Since Traditional Medicare plans won’t cover these type of training programs, a advantage plan found here http://www.medicareadvantageplans2020.orgcoverage like Medigap also won’t be able to cover these costs on your behalf.